Write your Legislator

Letter writing is the most effective form of written communication, as legislators understand the time it takes for you to gather your thoughts, put them down on paper and mail them. They realize that you must feel very strongly about the issue to take the time to write them and therefore, they may pay more attention. 

The Salutation – Begin your letter with respect, including his/her title.


Identify Yourself– State your name, that you are a constituent, and include your parish name and address/district


Do your homework – Know the pros and cons of your issue and be prepared to answer questions or supply information. 


Be Specific– State your reason for writing in clear and concise words. Use facts, and identify the bill by name or number with one bill per letter. Share your personal concerns and experience and how you feel the bill might affect others.


Request a Response– Request a response including his/her position on the bill. Request that he/she vote in a particular way.


Closing– Include your postal address, as the return address on the envelope can be misplaced.


Other Tips:


  • Be timely. Write your letter as soon as possible after you are notified. There is no reason to write if the legislator has already voted.

  • Be courteous and reasonable - Show consideration regardless of your views, how strongly you feel, or how your legislator has voted in the past.

  • Show approval - If your legislator has voted positively in the past, express gratitude in your letter. You will be remembered the next time you contact him/her.

  • Be personal - Computer-generated mass mail is becoming so sophisticated that it often appears to be done by one person. A legible handwritten letter will have more impact. If typed, be sure to sign and include a handwritten "P.S.


Download a sample letter


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