Make a Phone Call

Phone calls are IMMEDIATE. They also have the personal direction similar to a personal meeting; but are less time-consuming to arrange and carry through.


The Politicians may have their staff answer their phones and the staff member may be the individual you must be prepared to speak with about the issue. Do not worry - sometimes the staffer you speak with is the very one in charge of your particular issue, and may ultimately have some influence on policy AND the politician.


Tips on Phone Calling:

  • Be Prepared - know about the bill being discussed in case there are any question posed to you.

  • Identify yourself by name and address/district. Identify the pertinent bill by name and number.

  • Stay brief and simple - focus on one point to influence your legislator's vote in your direction.

  • Ask for the legislator's view on the bill being discussed.

  • Leave a message if you are transferred to voice mail. Be sure to leave your name, the date and time of your call, a brief reason for your call, your telephone number, and request for a response.

  • Encourage others to call - there is a impact in number. You legislator tracks the volume of calls that come into the office regarding a particular issue.


Download a sample phone call script

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