Make a Personal Visit

A face-to-face meeting with your elected official and a rational discussion about the pending issues will both educate you and your Senator and Representative. Your visit could very well be the deciding factor that will influence their position.


It is best to have a visit prearranged when possible. During an active day on the hill 10 to 15 minutes is the usual length of a visit.


Introduce yourself. If you are with a group, allow one person to clarify the purpose of your visit. (example: We are here visiting our legislators today. The issue we wish to discuss with you is ____________________________________).


Allow time to get acquainted, but do not get off track. Express your views and ask their position. Try and stay with the focus issue of the meeting. You have a short time to discuss the issue and if you try and cover too many items, the importance of the focus issue is lost which can become confusing.


Follow up your visit with a brief call, letter, or e-mail. Thank the legislator for their time and reconfirm your point of view. If you have other issues you feel strongly about, you have now established a relationship and should contact them on that issue.


Be punctual, patient, and flexible. The legislator may be late or interrupted during your meeting. If for some reason the legislator can not keep their appointment, be understanding. Schedules change and legislators are trying to accomplish a large amount of work in a very short amount of time. Do not think you are not important to them. Leave your name, address, and some information with the staff, or write a note to the Legislator. Always thank the staff. They are an important link in communicating with the office.


Follow up your visit to the office with a thank you and include a brief recap of what you covered (or intended to) in the meeting, reinforcing your request for his support during voting

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