"...the value of democracy stands or falls with the values which it embodies and promotes."

"A good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of himself, so that those who govern can govern." - Pope Francis

Use your voice to defend life, advance justice, pursue peace, and find a place at the table for all God’s children.

Your voice makes a difference. If legislators only hear from one side on an issue they can only assume that is what their constituency wants. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Go to candidate forums. Contact your legislator and ask where they stand on an issue and why. Tell them where you stand. It's EASY and IMPORTANT!

Tools for Effective Lobbying / Click and see


We make it easy, very effective, immediate for sending, immediate for response expectation

Very effective, opportunity to explain issue in detail, requires time to compose and mail, time lapse in response expectation

Issue is simple to explain, ease in generating high volume by use of phone tree, best tool when short of time

Establishes and maintains relationship, personalizes your agenda, requires time

A media message is an effective way to lobby a just cause and educate your community. The message could be in the form of a radio talk show, or a letter-to-the-editor (the letter section is a highly read part of the newspaper)

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Want to sample before you sign? Good idea. Check out our pubs, chalked full of crucial social issues—and the legislation that will impact them.

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