Send an E-mail

Legislators pay attention to their daily mail. The same rules apply when you write or email.


  1. We make it easy. Click here to find and email your Legislator. We will provide the message that you can customize, or you can write your own. See suggested outline below for content.

  2. Do your homework. Know the pros and cons of your issue and be prepared to answer questions or supply information. If you can, thank the legislator for past support on issues and ask for continued support.

  3. Take a stand; Make it personal. In the first paragraph, state why the issue concerns you and what you think should be done. Share your knowledge and experience. Explain how the issue will personally affect you, your family, friends, quality of life, and the community. Provide concrete real life stories and analogies.

  4. Cover one issue per letter or e-mail. Present your case in a convincing rational way to the legislator. Do not use buzz words or initials that may not be understood. Offer to provide more information if requested.

  5. Be sure to identify yourself as someone who lives in the elected official's district. You are a part of their constituency and an active registered voter.

  6. Ask for a response. Ask for a specific action.

  7. Follow up a positive vote with a letter of thanks. Let the legislator know you will share their positive action with others you know who are also concerned with the issue. If the legislator cannot see the issue the way you do, do not burn your bridge. Thank them for listening and express hope to agree in the future.

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