STOP executing people who are severely mentally ill.

Bill HB1455/SB1124 is vital legislation that prevents an individual with severe mental illnesses from being executed in TN. This bill would save enormous resources that could be spent on mental health treatment, law enforcement, and victims’ support.


Call or write your Representative before Wednesday, March 11, IF they are on the Judiciary Committee List below. 

IT’S EASY! If your Representative is listed below, select the red button. It will take you our website where you can quickly and easily find your Legislator, customize a pre-written-suggested email, and send it.

If you prefer to call, use the same pre-written-suggested email as a phone script. It’s that simple.

House Judiciary Committee Members:

Chairman Michael Curcio, Dickson, Phone: (615) 741-3513

Rep. Bill Beck, Nashville, Phone: (615) 741-3229

Rep. Karen Camper, Memphis, Phone: (615) 741-1898

Rep. Mike Carter, Ooltewah, Phone: (615) 741-3025

Rep. Martin Daniel, Knoxville, Phone: (615) 741-2287

Rep. Clay Doggett, Pulaski, Phone: (615) 741-7476

Rep. Rick Eldridge, Morristown, Phone (615) 741-6877

Rep. Andrew Farmer, Sevierville, Phone: (615) 741-4419

Rep. Johnny Garrett, Goodlettsville, Phone: (615) 741-3893

Rep. Bruce Griffey, Paris, Phone: (615) 741-6804

Rep. G.A. Hardaway, Memphis, Phone: (615) 741-5625

Rep. Dan Howell, Georgetown, Phone: (615) 741-7799

Rep. Bud Hulsey, Kingsport, Phone: (615) 741-2886

Rep. Curtis Johnson, Clarksville, Phone: (615) 741-4341

Rep. William Lamberth, Portland, Phone: (615) 741-1980

Rep. Mary Littleton, Dickson, Phone: (615) 741-7477

Rep. Bo Mitchell, Nashville, Phone: (615) 741-4317

Rep. Debra Moody, Covington, Phone: (615) 741-3774

Rep. Brandon Ogles, Franklin, Phone: (615) 741-6808

Rep. Antonio Parkinson, Memphis, Phone: (615) 741-4575

Rep. Jason Potts, Nashville, Phone: (615) 741-2035

Rep. Iris Rudder, Winchester, Phone: (615) 741-8695

Rep. Paul Sherrell, Sparta, Phone (615) 741-1963

Rep. Joe Towns, Jr., Memphis, Phone: (615) 741-2189

Rep. Micah Van Huss, Jonesborough, Phone (615) 741-1717

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