Under the direction of our Board, Committees, and Tennessee's three bishops, the Tennessee Catholic Public Policy Commission will:​

  • Review and analyze the content and implications of all proposed legislation,

  • Take positions on public policies and programs affecting the common good of all Tennessee citizens,

  • Speak for the Roman Catholic Church before all branches of our state government and before groups concerned with social policy,

  • Identify needs in areas of morality, health, welfare, education, religious freedom, human and civil rights, and determine ways to meet those needs, and

  • Foster public understanding of the Church's teaching on social issues.

The TNCPPC board and committees are made up of clergy and lay persons selected from through out the state.

Communications Committee

Rick Musacchio 
Director of Communications and Editor in Chief of Tennessee Register

Diocese of Nashville

Rick Ouellette

Director of Communications, Memphis Diocese 

Diocese of Memphis

Jim Wogan  

Director of Communications, Knoxville Diocese 

Diocese of Knoxville


Education Committee

Rebecca Hammel
Superintendent of Nashville Catholic Diocese Schools

Diocese of Nashville


Sondra Morris

Principal of St. Benedict, Auburndale and Acting Superintendent

Diocese of Memphis

Sedonna Prater

Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Diocese of Knoxville


Health Committee

Alma Abuelouf

Director of Community Health

Diocese of Memphis


Renee Hamilton

Diocese of Knoxville

Sister Mariana Koonce, MD
Director of St. Mary’s Legacy Clinic

Diocese of Knoxville

Greg Pope
Chief Mission Integration Officer / St.Thomas Health | Ascension

Diocese of Nashville

Human Services Committee

Lisa Healy
Executive Director of Catholic Charities of East TN

Diocese of Knoxville


Kelley Henderson
Executive Director, Catholic Charities of West TN

Diocese of Memphis

Judy Orr, LMSW
Executive Director of Catholic Charities of TN

Diocese of Nashville


May 1, 2019

Marc Schurger
Eastman Kodak -retired
Former Catholic Charities of East TN board

Diocese of Knoxville  

June 30, 2021

Legal Committee

Carleton Butch Bryant

Special Counsel, Knoxville Sheriff’s Department

Diocese of Knoxville


Robert Hutton 

Legal Council, Memphis Diocese

Diocese of Memphis

Gino  Marchetti

Diocese of Nashville

Edward Phillips

Diocese of Knoxville

Social Justice Committee

Patty Johnson

Past President Of National Council Of Catholic Women, Nurse

Diocese of Knoxville


Paul Simoneau
Vice Chancellor of Knoxville Diocese

Diocese of Knoxville

Deacon Hans Toecker
Chancellor of Nashville Diocese

Diocese of Nashville


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