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Email and encourage friends, family, and associates to “Meddle in Politics!” Include an Advocacy Info Card with your message. Click the red button or images below to download the card.


Catholic Advocacy Network eCard


Catholic Advocacy Network eCard

The info card links the reader to the Catholic Advocacy Network (CAN) Sign up page, where they can subscribe for a FREE CAN ePublication on crucial legislation. They will also receive Action Alerts—a call-to-action on matters that affect our community and state.


CAN engages and informs the Catholic Community on crucial social issues. 

CAN encourages advocacy and facilitates participation in the Legislative process.

Help us give witness to Gospel values in public affairs and government.

Join the Catholic Advocacy Network

Join other Catholics who advocate social reform and participate in the Tennessee Legislative process. Sign up and receive (during session) a weekly report on critical legislation. You will also receive "Action Alerts!"—a call-to-action on issues that affect our community and state.

Want to sample before you sign? Good idea. Check out our pubs, chalked full of crucial social issues—and the legislation that will impact them.

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