YOU do make a difference — en masse.

Join the swelling swarm of Catholics and others who advocate social reform and participate in the TN Legislative process. 


When there is a critical law in the making, we send you an eALERT with: 

> a summary of the bill,

> a link for more details, AND

> a fast and easy way to contact your Legislator.


Literally, with the push of the button below, you can email, snail mail, or…give your representative a buzz on the phone. (AND, as an added benefit, we supply suggested message/content and details on the legislation that you can use, or not.)


NOW is a good time to review critical legislation that will impact the common good of all Tennessee citizens—especially our most vulnerable sisters and brothers.

We vote because we are citizens. But we vote conscientiously because we are people of faith. Our consciences are formed through studying Scripture and the teachings of the Church, examination of the facts, and prayerful reflection.

What does the TN Catholic Public Policy Commission do?

We present, with one voice, the Church’s position on public policies affecting the common good of all Tennessee citizens to all branches of state government.

We engage and inform the Catholic Community on crucial social issues.

We give witness to Gospel values in public affairs and government.

We encourage and facilitate participation in the Legislative process.

Spirituality and politics are distinct, but they are not separable. Major issues have moral dimensions and significant public consequences.

We do this because we want you to be an advocate for crucial social issues. Together, we will make a difference.